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Edd Helms Air Conditioning & Electric, Air Conditioning Contractor, Sunrise, FL

Air Conditioning Best Supporting Actor:
Air Conditioning!





While we often hear the actors starring in a movie, or the director, and even the production company, there are a few key contributors who make quite an impact on the movie sets air conditioning!

It may seem that excessive heat or the need for air conditioning would not pertain to an indoor set, but au contraire. Indoor sets can be some of the hottest.Air flow is restricted and hindered by large camera equipment, sets, and lighting that emits excessive light on their own. Just think of a laptop and the heat it generates, then multiply it by hundreds. The need for air conditioning is certainly clear.

While those may seem hot enough on their own, it doesn't stop at just the set. The actors themselves can be draped in a variety of costumes or makeup. For example, a film about Marie Antoinette would require layers of corsets, bustled dresses, wigs, and pounds of makeup. That, combined with previous heat elements, can be downright unbearable for actors.

The upside? Portable air conditioning is possible. Film producers should absolutely lease portable air conditioning equipment to keep workers, the set, and the flow of everything cool.

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