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Edd Helms Air Conditioning & Electric, Air Conditioning Contractor, Sunrise, FL

Air Conditioning How an Air Conditioner Works





Many people are unaware of the inner workings of an air conditioner, despite its omnipresence. Your favorite South Florida air conditioning repair team has decided to break it down for you, to help you understand what goes on inside that little miracle machine that helps you to survive the Florida heat.

Essentially, air conditioners work similar to another popular cooling appliance: your refrigerator! So an air conditioner is like a refrigerator for your house rather than your food. Air conditioners convert chemicals among states of being from gas to liquid to gas again, and subsequently transfers heat from air inside and takes it outside. There are three main elements to an a/c unit: the compressor, the condenser, and the evaporator. Much like the cycle of rain! The chemicals arrive at the compressor as a gas, where it is squeezed and packed closely. This raises the temperature.

The fluid then leaves the compressor and has succeeded in becoming a gas, where it seeps into the condenser. Fans help this hot gas to dissipate and flee your outdoor air unit. Inversely, the air that is in the condenser is much cooler. It has also undergone a change of state from gas to liquid. From there, it is evaporated. Essentially this process happens repeatedly, and each element of your air conditioner is vital to the process occurring without hinge.

There you have it! The inner workings of an air conditioner. If you need air conditioner repairs, be sure to call Edd Helms today. We will have you cooled off in no time!


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