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Edd Helms Air Conditioning & Electric, Air Conditioning Contractor, Sunrise, FL

About Us Press Releases

Edd Helms Group Releases 10QSB for Second Quarter 2006

For the three months ended November 30, 2005, Revenues were $5,867,322 compared to $4,138,182 in 2005, an increase of approximately $1,729,140 or about 22.4% over second quarter 2005. Income from Operations before taxes were $654,589 compared with $108,748, an increase of approximately $545,841 over second quarter 2005.

Condensed business segments for the six months ending November 30, 2005 reported as follows:
Edd Helms Electric Revenues in 2006 were $4,559,995 compared to $3,106,025 in 2005. Electric income before taxes in 2006 was $658,198 compared to a loss of ($11,430) in 2005.

Edd Helms Air Conditioning Revenues were $4,346,007 compared to $3,416,266 in 2005. HVAC Income in 2006 was $345,900 compared to $162,168 in 2005.

Datatelcom Revenues in 2006 were $1,675,644 compared to $2,120,782 in 2005. Datatelcom Income in 2006 was a loss of ($164,928) compared to $316,627 in 2005.

According to Wade Helms, Executive Vice President, the growth in revenues was impacted in a positive way due to the work generated as a result of Hurricane Wilma. The net income for the three months ending November 30, 2005 was consistent with expectations. 

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