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Edd Helms Air Conditioning & Electric, Air Conditioning Contractor, Sunrise, FL

About Us Press Releases

Wade Helms (OTC Pink EDHD) interview with NADCA DucTales Magazine

For Immediate Release, March 18, 2015 Miami, FL - NADCA DucTales Interview with Wade Helms by Sarah Black to appear in upcoming magazine issue.

1. How did Edd Helms Group get its start?

Edd Helms Group got its start in 1975 when Edd Helms was an licensed master electrician with a passion for sales and customer service. Wade Helms graduated from Florida State University in 1979 trained in economics and architecture. Together, Edd and Wade followed a business plan focusing on providing a variety of specialized services directly to commercial and residential customers, rather than thru new construction general contractors. Edd led the company until 2003 when Wade assumed day to day leadership responsibilities. Wade purchased the Company in 2010 and Edd retired. Over these past 39 years, a key element of our success has been attracting and retaining some of the very best professionals in South Florida, with technical experience matching their dedication to customer service.

2. Your clients range from residential to commercial and even trade shows. How do you develop an expertise in service such a diverse set of customers and settings?

Our business plan has continually looked for niche opportunities requiring specialized technical expertise, that grow from our core electrical and mechanical services. Commercial customers make up 75 percent of our revenues with Residential customers playing a key marketing role in supporting brand name awareness and attracting new commercial customers. When a residential customer has a first hand experience with Edd Helms Group's high level of service and professionalism, many times they invite and recommend Edd Helms into their place of business. Because our office and field teams are highly technical, we gravitate towards more complex specialties such as Building Controls, Temporary Electrical for Trade Shows, and NADCA quality HVAC system cleaning. We continually invest in specialized training for our employees when diverse opportunities develop.

3. What has been the benefit of offering diverse services in addition to HVAC, such as electric and marine parts services?

The old sayings -its better not to put all of your eggs in one basket- and -4 legs on a stool are better than 3- make perfect sense for diverse, but core related business services like electric, building controls, and trade shows. Often times HVAC is busy when Electric is slow, and Trade Shows are busy during the Winter in South Florida when HVAC is slow. Plus, many of our customers use more than one of our specialties, resulting in cumulative customer revenues.

4. Can you describe some of the key challenges your HVAC technicians face working in South Florida, and how you address them?

South Florida is famous for its sun and fun, and its beaches. Manufacturing and heavy industries in South Florida are dwarfed by large office buildings, hotels, high rise condominiums, hospitals, and homes big and small. Without a manufacturing and heavy industrial presence, our air is clean and our water is clear. Those of us who live and work in South Florida enjoy these privileges, but there is an oversupply of unqualified HVAC contractors and technicians.

5. What's Edd Helms Group's secret to so many years of success?

Satisfied customers, a great work environment, and our entrepreneurial approach to new opportunities.

6. Why did Edd Helms Group pursue NADCA membership?

In 2000 we were chasing a sales opportunity that required the existing air ducts to be cleaned by a NADCA certified contractor. The magic of the internet led me to the NADCA association website. I signed up to attend my NADCA training in Atlanta, where I passed the certification exam, and we were subsequently awarded that project. The NADCA training was spot on, and built upon my experience in the HVAC and Electrical trades. Industry trade associations like NADCA play a key role in establishing standards of performance upon which customers can rely.

7. How has NADCA membership benefited Edd Helms Group?

Indoor air quality is important to our customers, and we use our NADCA training everyday when performing work on HVAC systems. From time to time, new customer find us on the NADCA website. As our Air Duct Cleaning services have grown, we invested in NADCA training for another Edd Helms Account Manager named Scott Levy. Scott is our primary NADCA representative and has attended just about every NADCA annual meeting for the past 14 years, and continues his NADCA training and certifications.

8. What's next for Edd Helms Group?

Just a few years ago we established Gulfstream Controls, a wholly owned subsidiary of Edd Helms Group. This dedicated group of employees is focused on designing, selling, programming, installing and commissioning sophisticated Building Control Systems. Although our first Building Controls projects were in the early 1980’s, those projects focused on lighting energy management using outdated technologies compared to those available today. Beginning with our acquisition of McDonald Air Conditioning in 1994, the sophisticated Building Control requirements for commercial HVAC systems demanded more and more specialized training. , and gives Edd Helms a competitive advantage in our marketplace. Plus, Building Controls adds diversity and more legs onto our stool.

For additional information please contact Wade Helms, President & CEO, Phone 305-653-2520. Visit the Company at www.eddhelms.com .

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