Air Purification for Improved Indoor Air Quality | Edd Helms Group
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Improving Indoor Air Quality for Better Health


If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s how important air quality is in our indoor environments. We offer a variety of services for residential & commercial spaces that’ll keep your spaces allergen- and bacteria-free.

What You Can Expect

reduce indoor allergens

Eliminate harmful bacteria and pathogens

lower commercial cleaning costs

Overall improved home & work environments

Services Overview

Residential UV Air Purifiers0%
Installing Ionization Units0%
Commercial In-Duct UV Purifiers0%
Pathaway M3 System Install (Kills COVID in 2 Minutes!)0%

Residential Services

There are two main services we offer for Residential Air Purification. The first line of defense is installing air purifiers with UV light in the air conditioning units.


Most A/C systems re-circulate the air in your home about 80 times a day. These UVGI (Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation) air purification systems help zap any airborne allergens or disease before they get pushed back into your space.


Secondly, we can install bipolar ionization technology that mimics nature by generating the same positive and negative Oxygen ions that purify and restore indoor air by neutralizing harmful pathogens. 

Is your existing A/C or air purification system on the fritz? We offer a 24/7 answering service to schedule the next available same-day service appointment to address your issue quickly and affordably.

Commercial Services

Providing a comfortable, and safe, work environment is key to getting teams back in the office and happy to be there. This means creating a healthy environment with clean air.


Installing UVGI air purifiers, a technology that’s been studied since the 1930s, can be your first step to killing airborne pathogens (viruses, mold, bacteria, allergens) before your central air conditioning system circulates them back into the air. (A process that happens nearly 80 times per day!)


From there, we can take it a step further with the Pathaway M3 System that connects directly to the building’s HVAC system. This component will release the Path-Away Protective Solution® into the air in intervals to kill harmful bacteria and pathogens, including the COVID-19 in 2 minutes time

BONUS: by suppressing the biofilm on the unit’s coil, the UV light systems can also reduce the need for costly cleaning and maintenance.


Get in touch with our team today for a custom quote for service on your specific project.