How to Avoid Air Conditioning Problems | Edd Helms Group
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How to Avoid Air Conditioning Problems

How to Avoid Air Conditioning Problems

While it remains scorching outside, air conditioners also need a break. Running your air conditioning unit full blast 24/7 is like asking for a breakdown and a whopping utility bill!

We’d like to offer you a few industry tips so that you can stay cool this summer and also give your air conditioner a little downtime. With a few pointers, you can maximize your cool air and your dollars.

Tip 1: Thermostat Setting

First, look at what setting you keep your thermostat on. There are two “on” options, “on” and “automatic.” Plainly put, the system will constantly stay on when it is set to “on,” and when it is set to “automatic” the thermostat will only kick on and adjust when necessary.

Also, the fan option will counteract your air conditioner. The A/C serves to remove humidity from the air inside, but running the fan will actually blow that humid air back inside, thus proving the entire process counter-productive.

Tip 2: Change the filter!

Many people don’t realize how much buildup can occur on the air filters over the course of a month. It is a little disturbing how much dust, dirt and buildup are flowing into your air supply each month.

By changing it monthly you can keep a check on how much is cycling in through (or blocking clean air from cycling through) your home and into your family’s lungs.

These pointers should help you here in South Florida, where the “summer” tends to last year round. If you do experience a situation calling for air conditioning repair, then be sure to contact the trusted air conditioning professionals at Edd Helms.