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Edd Helms Air Conditioning & Electric, Air Conditioning Contractor, Sunrise, FL

Home Automation Home Automation
What is "Home Automation "?

Home Automation is a process or system which provides the ability to enhance one's lifestyle, and make a home more comfortable, safe and efficient. Home Automation can link lighting, entertainment, security, telecommunications, heating and air conditioning into one centrally controlled system.

Automation allows you to make your house an active partner in managing your busy life. Your automated home is no longer a passive structure. Instead, it becomes a tool in helping you make the most of your time, enhancing your safety and security, even saving you money on your energy bills!

How does it work?
A central microprocessor (computer) receives signals from controlling devices, then forwards those signals to the appliances and systems in the house you want controlled. The central processor serves as a traffic cop by initiating and/or routing communication signals throughout the house. As the user, you can interface with the system via keypads, touchscreens, panic buttons, TV screens, computers, telephones, handheld remotes or other devices.
What we provide?
Sound and Video
Sound and Video

Distributed sound throughout your home. See who is at the front door on your TV. Speech recognition commands to turn equipment on/off or volume up/down. Video monitoring of the kids room. Music where you are, from a single source. Outside speakers. Remote control from anywhere! See more...

Home Theater
Home Theater

Big Screen TV Theater quality sound. One button commands for multiple functions. Touch Screens, Surround Sound. Cable & Satellite Entertainment for you, your family and guests in the safety and comfort of your own home!

Energy Saving
Energy Saving

Scheduling of cooling & heating to fit your "at home" schedule. Energy savings by not cooling or heating when you are not there. Time of use rate capability. Hot water heater off when not home. Lights on when you enter a room, off when you leave. Individual circuit breaker control for pool pumps, hot tubs, sprinkler systems. Systems which pay for themselves in energy savings!

Lighting Control
Lighting Control

Auto On/Off. Smart lighting which knows your schedule. Closet lights which go on when you open the door and off when you close. Vacation scenes to give your house a "lived in" look whether you are there or not. Inexpensive options for existing homes. Remote control, event driven or "scene" lighting. Lighted pathways in emergencies.

Security & Fire
Security & Fire

Protection for your family. Fire detection & notification. Monitoring & dispatching. Communication systems. Flashing lights, driveway sensors, medical lighting!

    Systems Integration & Structured Wiring
Systems Integration & Structured Wiring

Audio/Video. Energy management. Home theater Lighting control. Security/Fire. Structured wiring. Telephones. PCs Internet. Remote control. All working together by design...Home Automation!Future proofing of home. Internet access. Telephone communications. Satellite. Cable. Multi-room audio & video distribution. Lights. Appliances. Heating & cooling wiring Home office!


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